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United Energy Education Center

In all divisions of alternative energy, there is already a shortage of specialists. First of all, engineers and technically trained personnel. Thus, competition for young professionals will increase.

Companies that would like to train may benefit from this in the future.

So far, only a quarter of all companies respond to a shortage of staff, offering more training.

Academic occupations that specifically relate to renewable energy sources do not yet exist. On the other hand, traditional crafts, commercial and commercial training, such as electronics, mechatronics, and office and industrial clerks, are commonplace. The diversity is great; about 40 different training sessions are offered in renewable energy companies.

We offer training with the support of leading experts from European and Kazakhstan institutions and universities.

LLP United Energy Qazaqstan plans to build and open a training center for training employees and clients in Aktobe. In Aktobe, a training center will be built specifically for United Energy Qazaqstan and other wind turbine manufacturers as well as for other possible renewable energy segments both from home and abroad and will include theoretical training opportunities for the United Energy Qazaqstan wind turbine and its technology, security, maintenance and service. Measures also include the necessary infrastructure for appropriate practical training, as well as practical training in our own field for on-site testing.

With the new location, United Energiy Qazaqstan is expanding its training activities for employees and customers.

A new training center should be implemented by the end of 2020. Preparation has already begun. From the end of 2020, United Energy Qazaqstan will offer first training for customers.

United Energy Qazaqstan Education center