Wind turbine production plant will appear in Kazakhstan

Windpark in Kazakhstan

In Aktobe, a number of memorandums were signed for over 80 billion tenge. 

Thanks to the agreements, a number of unique industries will be built in the region.

In particular, an agreement has been reached with AktobeTermoCoks on the implementation of a major project for the construction of a 700 MW power plant and the development of a brown coal deposit. The implementation of a large project worth 48 billion tenge will close the electricity shortage in the region and create more than 400 jobs.

There are also plans to build a plant for the production of wind turbines, blades and the assembly of metal towers with the attraction of investments in the amount of 26 billion tenge and the creation of 500 jobs. This project is associated with the international exhibition EXPO-2017. It will strengthen the work on the development of renewable energy sources.

It is noted that a number of memorandums were signed with Russian enterprises. Thus, the companies "Steam" and "Edemi" intend to restore the production of knitwear. On the initiative of the entrepreneur, it is planned to restore the idle production of knitwear on the basis of "Edemi".

The company "Aktobe community" with the assistance of the regional akimat intends to build a container-type cement plant in the region with the development of deposits in the Bayganinsky, Kargalinsky regions. It is expected that the production of cement will remove import-dependence in raw materials and give an impetus to the development of the construction industry in the region.

Energyprom plans to introduce innovative developments, in particular, industrial electric motors for use in all sectors of industrial enterprises in the region, which will improve the environment.