Wind turbine tower manufacturing

Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing in Qazaqstan

United Energy Qazaqstan manufactures steel tubular supports for land wind turbines at a production site in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

With our production, we flexibly respond to the demands of the growing market for renewable energy. A high degree of automation and modern production facilities ensure low production costs and high quality of our products.

Our specialization is specialization in conical and cylindrical components for tubular steel supports and components.

Take advantage of our know-how!

Years of experience of our leading engineers from Germany, in the manufacture of towers makes United Energy Qazaqstan a reliable partner in the design, manufacture and supply of installations as well as peripheral steel structures for wind turbines. Many segments already receive fittings on a high technical level.

Reliable and high-quality internal equipment gives United Energy Qazaqstan a name for tower manufacturers.

As a special service, United Energy Qazaqstan offers the installation of internal filling, as well as the assembly of training and control.

Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing in Qazaqstan
Services from one source:
Constructive and customized solutions for your installations

Quality products with high accuracy

Corrosion protection (galvanized and / or varnished)

Pre-assembly in functional component sizes

Tower and segment packed for easy installation

Detailed packing lists

Provision of assembly drawings for parts of tower installations